Wednesday, November 28, 2007

*hi november....

eventful thanksgiving week with my family.

i was upset i missed anberlin, mae, and motion city soundtrack in detroit, but i spent wedneday-sunday with my family driving, eating, shopping, pictures, more eating, movies, christmas music. [sad day, i forgot(?) my black a hotel we stayed at.]

my first term of senior year is quickly getting away from me.
for the last two weeks all i knew was papers, projects, and being annoyed with school. this week we started our first set of final exams. one down today, three more to go. next week i have a whole new set of classes, i am pretty stoked about that.

its beginning to look a lot like christmas.
when we left for illinois last week it was semi-warm [50ish] then we got home and there was a little snow on the ground and the air changed to that frigid, burning your face, type cold, that does not go away until mid march. and every other radio station is blasting christmas music. i like it.

plum market
work is long, its nice though everyone i've met is really cool and i somewhat know what i am doing now

moody bible institute
i am sending in my moody application this week. i am nervous to find out in january if i get in, but also ready to se what other doors God will open if i do not get in, so it is a win-win situation, its all in Gods hand now.

night on the town
today was my sisters 20th birthday, so our family and two of her friends, went to a restaurant in greektown in downtown detroit tonight. it was fun. although it was freezing cold outside it was fun. i love that part of the city, where the theaters, stadiums, and well casinos are, its really nice. we ate greek food and got dessert at a cute bakery across the street call astoria pastry shop. it was cute, so much to choose from!

Friday, November 2, 2007

*so where i called home for nine weeks this summer, is going to be demolished next week, the lake ann hotel [which is actually farrrrrrr from a hotel], the last resort!
*its a bitter sweet thing for the lake ann family because although it is really old, anddisfunctional....we still had dance parties in the halls, a broken stair rail, wrap ups in the living room area, bathroom clean ups, the porch, thescary door from upstairs, watching senior high campers go to the lake after fight night on the porch, sneaking into the attic, writing on the walls, tiny bedrooms, sandy floors, home to the girls support staff this summer...its ok. they`ll probably build something spectacular in its place!