Friday, January 11, 2008

*hello 2 0 0 8....

i decided i hate paying for gas.

but i'm thankful for a car to put pricey gasoline in.

the Lord's plan for my future keeps unfolding.
its nerve racking to think about.
but i
pray that i go in the direction He is calling me to go in.

oakland county, as of now, is my mission field.
here am i Lord,
send me.

i love downtown detroit.

one day i want to see the world.
before i die i want to go to
south africa, australia, india, thailand& italy.

starting this year i am going to work on making dreams into reality.

growing up is scary, but exciting all at the same time.

playing hoppipolla by sigur ros on the piano , makes me smile.

next year, business major and minor in psychology?

i really have no idea what i am going to do this summer.

stay home and work, go up to lake ann now perhaps?

i really do value my time with my sisters [and the brothers].

coffee, lit candles, good acoustic music, a good book, and rain are ideal.

why do teachers give quizzes on mondays?

prince charming is out there somewhere. he'll come for me.
God is still writing my love story.

"Blessed is SHE who believes, that what the LORD has said to HER will be accomplished."
--Luke 1:45