people call me Lindsay Erin..
I like to express myself by writing things down, make lists, tell stories, via journal or blog..
I have twenty-three years of life experience..
I'm passionate about people, listening, & dreaming..
I'm a lover of the Author, {good} music, & autumn..
I enjoy snuggly babies, sunshine, & chocolate..
I have a big family, a great boyfriend, & lovely friends..
I'm intrigued by things like ballet, psychology, & creativity.. 
I get excited about simple things such as a new tube of mascara, buying things on sale, & sleeping in..
I have an identical twin..
I watch toddlers & babies to make money.. 
I have an oral fixation with chewing gum & blowing bubbles..
Just some of the things I love about my God is his wonder, timing, & creation..
I have an infatuation with the city of Paris..
I'm an aspiring elementary school teacher.. 
My favorite passages of the Bible are Ecc. 3 + 1John 4..
I'm attempting to make the ordinary, extraordinary.

{We were made to be lovers, bold in broken places, pouring ourselves out again & again, until we're called home}  
--Jamie Tworkowski