Friday, January 22, 2010

new a d v e n t u r e...

In the next couple weeks (not 100% on the date.), my twin & I are embarking on a new adventure!

We're packing up the last twenty years of our lives & moving out of our parents casa!

It is weird/crazy how everything has fallen into place, but I know that is just God showing me yet again, that that is how He works. Even if I don't know what He is up to right away, in His time He'll reveal what He wants, when He wants for my life!

After a totally random Facebook message in about three weeks times it was confirmed that the twin & I would have a place of our own come February!

Our space that we are now the proud renters of, is not glamorous or fancy by any means, but its only a few blocks from downtown, and it is all we were looking for, and it is two of my favorite words: cozy & CHEAP!

As excited as I am about starting a new adventure, I was kind of thinking about it the other night and just everything attached to it and got a little overwhelmed, but had to remember that everything really does work out SOMEHOW! Maybe not always in the way we wanted it to, but God definitely lets things come together from either the big things or the small things!

I heard this week that a lot of the time people around us (loved ones some of the time) or the Evil one try and whisper in our ears things like "Slow down!" "Don't do it!" "You're not ready!" and that is definitely kind of how I felt at the beginning of all of this. "I'm not ready to move out of my parents house." "I am comfortable where I am at." "I don't think I can handle the responsibility."

But then God whispers in our ears, "You're ready!" "This is the time!" "Don't stop now, I have more for you discover along the way!" And that, is how I feel now. I know that God wouldn't have made things work out so well up until now, I (we) would be a fool to let this slip away from me (us).

[GOD, I just hope + pray that I will continue to trust in YOU and the plan YOU have marked out for me. Even if whatever door comes opens next isn't THIS clear at first, that I'll still be faithful to listen for what You have for me next.]

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him..."
-Romans 8:28

Saturday, January 2, 2010

hey new decade..

It's twenty-ten.
It's a
new decade.
a fresh start.
It's a

Ten years ago people were worried about
Ten years ago I was
ten years old without any real cares in the world.
Ten years ago the
world was a different place than it is today.
Ten years ago we said hello to a
new millennium.

In the past ten years I've lost and gained good
In the past ten years I've watched
America change.
In the past ten years
I've grown physically + spiritually.
In the past ten years I've
seen God do awesome things, big and small.

In the next ten years I could
be married to prince charming.
In the next ten years I could be a
mother to a small child.
In the next ten years I will be in my
In the next ten years
anything could happen.

Here's to the
next ten years.
Here's to watching
God move in more mysterious ways.
Here's to new
places and new faces.
Here's to ten more years of
living an extraordinary life.

. . . . .

[this has nothing to do with the new year, but I'm currently obsessed with the song Hey, Soul Sister by Train + listening to my moms (my mom is pretty sweet) new Norah Jones album The Fall that she got for Christmas.. my ears are happy.]

. . . . .

au revoir twenty-oh-nine