Sunday, July 13, 2008


*so i got my macbook yesterday! so exciting! so i am sitting here typing away on it!!! anyway that is besides the point of what i was going to write about.....

40 started on sunday at nine. and since then i have heard nothing but amazing things about it. i was bummed at the beginning of the week though because i signed up for my prayer hours late, so i only got a few towards the end of it, but today emily had some time so she said court & i could come with her! 

it was so overwhelming. just walking in just takes your breath away because you see prayers, praises, desires, and worship written on the black walls in silver marker from floor to ceiling, there is a world map with pins in areas that have been are being prayed for, there is an area for people to express themselves and their hearts on paper with water colors and colored pencils, there is a cross in the back corner with candles around where we laid before it and prayed, there is an area to sit in the middle of it all where emily, courtney, and i shared our hearts and tears with each other and the Lord, being able to pray out loud and for so long with them was such a blessing.

towards the end of everyones hour in the prayer room, you are to read a selected passage from the Bible out loud, since sunday the group as a collective has gotten up to Numbers 22, well that was since three this afternoon, but someone is in there at the moment that will read more or the Bible out loud continuing up until the last hour when the whole Bible will have been read out loud, i think that is one of my favorite parts of the room, there are large margins on the sides so people can write their personal notes and input on the scripture that they read. 

whew. ok that was really long, but i just had to share about it because it was such an awesome opportunity to be a part of and i have some more time in the next month so im pretty excited about it. another highlight of it was when emily, court, and i blasted the song "how he loves us" and sang it at the top of our lungs in worship to our amazing Creator that was so apparent in that room. 

in the last five minutes we were in there we played the song "i will go" by the desperation band and went to the part that they recite the passage from isaiah "here i am Lord, send me, send me" which is kind of one of the main points around 40 as a whole. i just wish that everyone everywhere could experience their own 40. 40 days & 960 hours of continuous prayer, service, worship, and fasting.... 
*isaiah 6:1-8

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