Monday, May 11, 2009

thirty things I want to do before I'm thirty...

*This is a random collection of things I would "like" to do before (or after I guess) I am thirty..... (some of these things are semi-unrealistic, but never say never.)

things to do, people to see, places to go....
  1. Fly in a plane (in August, I can cross this off). 8/27/09, Detroit to Miami
  2. Go to South Africa, India, & Thailand to share God with people there.
  3. Drive to California.
  4. Graduate from college.
  5. Marry prince charming.
  6. Live in New York City for a few months, just to say I've lived there.
  7. Climb a Mountain.
  8. Learn how to long board.
  9. Drink coffee & read a book in Seattle.
  10. Write a generous check anonymously for someone that could use it or leave a large sum of money somewhere for someone to find.
  11. Run a marathon.
  12. Spend a week on a secret tropical island.
  13. Do the 3-Day walk for Breast Cancer for my Grandma Patricia Joyce.
  14. Get a Pancreas transplant!
  15. Write a book.
  16. Own a small boutique in a quaint downtown area.
  17. Go to Disney World & act like a little girl.
  18. Kiss someone under the Eiffel Tower.
  19. Live in a house with a deep, large, wrap around porch in the front & a Cracker Barrel rocking chair.
  20. Dance at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville. (7/26/2011)
  21. Sit on a rooftop & look at the stars.
  22. Adopt a baby girl from China.
  23. Speak at a womens conference.
  24. Write a song & hear it on the radio.
  25. Meet Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, or Britney Spears & tell her God loves her, and that she doesn't need to act the way she does to feel loved or accepted.
  26. Have a daughter named Gloria Jean.
  27. Climb across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
  28. Get dressed up & see a Ballet or Orchestra in the city. 12/5/09, Nutcracker, Detroit Opera House
  29. Use the map Claire Colburn from the movie "Elizabethtown" made for Drew Baylor to travel from Elizabethtown, KY back to Oregon.
  30. Go to Jerusalem & walk where Jesus walked.

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