Friday, November 6, 2009

What is on my mind at 12:09am...

1. I just went to see Where the Wild Things Are. I was pretty excited when I heard in the spring about it becoming a movie and was even more excited when it finally came out in October, but I was just now getting around to seeing it...
  • its NOT a kids movie
  • its sad
  • its scary at some points
  • it has good music in it

2. The other day I drove past the house I grew up in & lived in for 18 years of my life. Its weird to see someone else living in "my" house. The four bedroom, ranch style, house with large windows in the front, brick front walk, huge backyard, covered with four-five story high trees that shade the sun during the day...
  • its weird seeing someone else's cars in the driveway
  • the yard doesn't look as well kept as my dad used to keep it
  • there's 20+ years of Fillmore memories in that house
  • even though its on a main street, it still felt cozy & homey
3. I saw The i-Heart-Revolution film/documentary.
  • it needs to be viewed again, to take down notes
  • its definitely mind blowing all the good + bad things that go & do go on in the world around us
  • its comforting to know that there's only ONE love & hope for all man kind
  • it makes me sad to hear people talk poorly about the whole idea/concept, their blindness, & being OK with the comfortable lives they lead..
4. Over the weekend roughly 190+ leaders, students, & myself encountered God at the Thirsty retreat. At least two students that I've heard of accepted Christ as their Savior! (So exciting!) We learned what it meant to be thirsty for freedom, authenticity, purpose, & identity.
  • its ok to be open with people, not hide behind all of your accomplishments or good things in your life, but let people see & know your hurts & struggles
  • we don't have it all together, so let's not pretend to.
  • when we are stripped down & raw & exposed, then we realize that only His grace is sufficient for us.
  • He is right in the middle of every single aspect of my life with me.
  • He "likes" us, He wants to spend time with us.
  • He desires us.
  • He quiets us with his love. The "leaves me speechless" kind of love.
  • He (Yahweh), rejoices over ME with singing.

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