Monday, May 5, 2008

*bittersweet - n e s s...

we moved.

i couldn't sleep last night, in my new room, new sounds, new atmosphere, and still only two short miles from our old house? the house i lived in for 18 years, sad. but so exciting to make new memories with my family and live in a new setting, everyone needs a little change of scenery in their life..bittersweet.

in less than a month i am graduating. its the end. of high school, of being in school for 7-8 hours a day, lunch rooms, and lockers, 5-7 classes in one day. but looking forward to college life, not the typical dorm, moving away, partying college life, but staying around and going to college here for a while, getting more involved with lighthouse and leading in wsm or oasis at church....bittersweet.

in a few short months a lot of my friends are moving away and going to all different places, cities, states, ect. and the friendships that we had are going to totally different, only 'seeing' each other on facebook, walls or pictures, so many different new paths friends are leading. but i'm so excited to see where everyone goes and does, and then me personally meeting so many new people from all different backgrounds next year...bittersweet.

i am blessed.
my Creator loves ME, more than anyone or anything could ever love me, although i may not have everything i want, i have more than i need, i have a nice school to go to, i have a good job, i have amazing parents that i take forgranted so easily, i have two sisters and two brothers that i may not get along with 100% of the time, but i really do love them a lot, i have several close friends i am thankful for that i can share my heart and dreams with, i have an amazing church where i can freely worship God and grow in my relationship with Him....i have nothing to complain about. yet i so often easily do.

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