Thursday, June 5, 2008

*i can hear birds outside, i should go to bed now....

i graduated on sunday

i went to sleep at 5am woke up at 4pm

[my sleeping pattern is never going to be the same]

i worked at plum for once finally

i saw death cab at the fox

[i loved them before, but love even more now]


rogue wave was also there, they arent bad

the wings won the stanley cup

[while we were downtown by hokeytown!]

im in love with viva la vida & violet hill

downtown royal oak is fun when its warm outside

[while i was over there the other night they were tapping a lifetime movie!?]

being out of school is still the best feeling

i need a bike

gas is tooo expensive

i like watching old home movies with my sisters

my sisters & i are still in love with brendan leonard

if you dont know who that is look him up online

i want to see hillsong united in chicago in august

it boggles my mind that they play good music videos at 3am when no one is watching them except for us

i really do enjoy running

i love summer clothes

jewelry is more expensive at claries than at for love by 21...?

i still want to move to nashville

i need to start playing my guitar more...

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