Saturday, January 10, 2009

* h e y.

  1. God is good, gracious, & great.
  2. court & i almost have a car finally. we have to wait & see though!
  3. it makes me sad that brittany joy is down in florida now, but i am so happy for her. i can't wait to see how God uses her down there!*
  4. i'm starting to babysit more & the girls i watch are my favorite, and i'm also going to start watching this adorable little boy that brit used to watch every so often.
  5. music really does make smile.
  6. i'm a very average girl, trying to live an extraordinary life.
  7. i want to go to south africa, thailand, india, & australia very badly...
  8. if you still know me in ten years, you should come visit me in nashville.
  9. snow is only pretty right after it has fallen, and is a pain to drive in.
  10. i'm actually looking very forward to my new classes starting on monday!
*i'm so thankful for the friendship i have with brittany joy!! its not goodbye, just because she is in florida now, its a see you later for a video chat or phone call!!

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