Saturday, January 8, 2011

au revoir twin..

I don't know if people understand the closeness I share with my twin sister.. we're kind of like a married couple. When I talk to other people I use "we" or "us" a lot. I'm not used to talking to someone & saying "I" or "me". But low & behold, the day has come! We are entering a new season of OUR lives: separation.The longest we've been apart is probably a week? And that was with texting, calling, & facebook! So.. the million dollar question I've been hearing a lot lately is how I'm going to cope without the twin for SIX months.
It really hasn't hit me & probably won't either until tomorrow when we leave the airport or probably Sunday night going to Lighthouse by myself, or sometime next week when I finally realize "oh I have my own car now, I don't have to go pick the twin up from work" or "sweet, I have no one to complain about my mom to!!" :) Either way.. I think {key word: think} I'm ready for it, but we'll see!!
It's kind of exciting too though because we're going to be living six months without each other, being our own person, no longer identifying to new people we meet as "twins" but Courtney or Lindsay. For the first time in both our lives we're going to be experiencing new things without each other as a side kick, support, or security blanket.
All I know is God has paved the way for Courtney's journey from dreaming to it actually being time to start this new adventure! She has done a lot of hard work to get to this point & I know she's been faithful to God calling her to this ministry in the land down under!
So instead of worrying about me & how I'm going to be without her here at home, pray for her safety, for her team she'll be living & working with for the next six months, for funds that still need to be raised, & for Courtney to just be another tool for increasing the Kingdom!

{read about her adventures here..}


Aunt Moe said...

Love this...:)

Lisa Fillmore said...

Well, I was doing ok until I read this. Love is all I can say. I am so appreciative that God has chosen this life for me to be a part of.
Lindsay this is a beautiful tribute to God's plan for you and your twineee.