Thursday, January 26, 2012

product push..

i am a journal-er.

i like to write things down!!

out of my plethora of journals that i have acquired & filled with words over the past few years... i have several that are my favorites.. and i want to share them with YOU!!

{i just finished this one}

{and just started this one}

+ another one that doesn't have a picture anywhere...anyway, i love love LOVE everything about these journals!! and as a big-time journal-junkie.. that's huge!! i know it's weird, but i love the texture of the paper. i love the colors. i love that each one has a theme. i love that there are several different pages, including lines or pretty pictures. i like the size of them. and i love that i find them at cute little stationary/card shops all around town... and they're only $10!! if you need a journal, go buy one of these, you'll fall in love too.

*ps it's raining, in late january, in michigan.

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