Monday, January 30, 2012

ten at ten..

ten things I love for a miscellany monday..

1. hardwood floors..every house should have some.

2. french press coffee.

3. paris.. someday

4. being cozy.

5. sun flowers.
6. cute-practical outfits.
7. pesto..I need to make this sandy..yummy.
8. my people..big families are fun!!

9. my boyfriend. {I can't believe I've never put this picture on here before, he's cute!?}

10. being barefoot.. even during winter.

*that's just ten {randoms}...there's many other nouns I love heaps.

AND...I've never "linked" with another blog before!! check out other "miscellany monday's" via Carissa!!

{pictures via pinterst + my trusty iPhoto}


carissa at lowercase letters said...

aww, thanks for joining. so glad to have you. you are such a cutie! and what a great space you have here.

love me some pesto!

Megan Gillesby @ something beautiful said...

Linds... welcome to the linky world! Love you friend!

with love,

Lindsay Fillmore said...

thanks girls :) xox

Casey said...

oh my that pesto sandwich looks really yummy! fun linking, looks like it was a success! :) thanks for stopping by my blog! i'll be back! blessings!! ox, casey