Monday, March 9, 2009

*across the border, taste of summer, rain, & everything in between...

across the border: "let's go to canada, let's leave today..."
last week was my "spring break" although the weather seems rather far from "spring".  for a few days courtney, emily, & i went over to canada to rest, relax, & not have any plans.  it was just that.  and i loved it.  it was honestly what i needed to catch my breath. we stayed at 
em's grandmas house. she is an amazing lady. i think every grandma should be like her. she has gone thru a lot in the past month or so and still rejoices in how good, great, & gracious our God is.

taste of summer: "and we frolicked about in our summer skin..."
this past friday i hear
d it reached at least 71° in some areas around town.  it was so great to be able to go outside with no jacket, coat, sweater, sweatshirt. in my exci
tement for the warm weather i wore flip flops to my brothers swim meet...*dear summer weather, please come soon. thanks, lindsay.

rain: "You give me peace to be still, in the middle of the storm..."
it has been hazy, gray, gloomy, foggy, and rainy for a few days now...i tend to enjoy a good thunder storm, heavy downpour, or light drizzle, but not when i have to be out in it running all over creation to get some things done. although i would rather be wrapped in a blanket, in the corner of the couch, taking a nap, reading, or watching a good movie, while i have been driving in these downpours these lyrics from christa black are stuck in my head.  even if our life is like a storm, rainy, windy, or hazy, God still can bring us a peace that we cannot explain and we can find comfort in Him in the middle of the chaos. 

everything in between: "from the east to the west any height any depth, thats where it goes..."
over the next week i will spend most of  my time in a car.  currently i am dog/house sitting for some family friends that live roughly fifteen miles south west of my house, i go to school about eight miles north west of my house, and spend a lot of time near my church which is about fifteen miles north west of my house.... and somewhere in between all that i do have to take care of a dog, and i am not even a dog person to be completely honest. go to school, study, and do homework. and do a million other things.  its hectic. its exhausting. and by the end of this week i am going to hate driving....

*five iron frenzy, death cab for cutie, matt wertz, christa black, & seven places.

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