Wednesday, March 25, 2009

*music should make my ears feel good..

*the radio in my car isn't very reliable, i currently don't have an iPod, & the CD player only plays the everglow by mae or never take friendship personal by anberlin [those are good, but they get old pretty fast] so i tend to find myself listening to a fuzzy channel & turn it up loud enough to make out what the song actually is.

so that is all really besides the point, but i heard a song on a certain "only new rock alternative" channel [which is not necessarily the most classy channel on the radio, but they do play some good songs on there every so often...] a while ago. i listened to the whole thing because i had never heard it before and it caught my attention anyway i was very disturbed by the lyrics in it and then i had forgotten about it and i heard it again the other day driving. to be completely honest lyrics to a song don't really bother me that much, within reason, but these lyrics were horrifying. who would write lyrics like that..!? honestly.

so i don't even want to put the lyrics or actual song on here because i don't want to ruin anyone else's idea of a song. but the song is just completely degrading and inappropriate from a guys perceptive about a girl. and i think that the part that pushed me over the edge the most was the ending when they sing "i hope i never have a daughter...". [by this part of the song i almost started crying] pretty much because all of this inappropriate-ness that the "daughter" being talked about in the song is nothing that her dad thinks she really is, and this guy thinks that if he had a daughter one day that she would do the same things.

it kills me that clearly some low-life would write this song and make money from it. i know that there a million and one other songs out there that are probably even more degrading and inappropriate about girls, but that is so NOT something i want to be listening to. i want to listen to a guy sing nice and loving things towards girls and say he'd love to have a daughter john mayer.

so earlier i was cleaning out my iTunes library and finding new music for myself to enjoy and on noise trade you can get a katie herzig sampler...its pretty good.

- - - - - - -

also i hadn't listened to them in a while, but paper route has a new album coming out in about a month so finally i can get the song carousel...i'm excited.

[jeremy cowart is pretty good.]

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Anonymous said...

John Mayer may not be so degrading, but remember he is still secular, and promotes some very un-Godly ideas....aka Your Body Is A Wonderland....but I get what you're sayin'