Tuesday, March 31, 2009

*never let me go...

i have a tendency to try to go to bed "early" every once in a while... key word try.

so while i am sitting here still wide-eyed i have this crazy long worship playlist playing on random. the song never let me go by hillsong just came on... God definitely picked this one out just for me for right now.
In the shadows; My spirit weak
Love broke through the darkness and lifted me
And I know you'll never let me go
In the storm in the raging sea
Love conquered the fear and delivered me
And I know you'll never let me go

Oh love in the shadows
Be the light who leads me on
Your love I will follow
Be my guide, Your will be done
Oh Lord

In the arms of the One unseen
Love carried the cross that was meant for me
And I know you'll never let me go

Oh Lord I surrender, now forever I'll be loved
In the love of the Father, You are faithful You are strong
So hold me now

Nothing in this life has walked these streets
Love opened my eyes show me what You see
And I know I'll never let You go...

lately i have been feeling like my spirit has been weak & dry. i totally needed to hear that Love breaks through all of this darkness, weak spiritedness, & dryness all the time to remind me that He is always waiting for me to come back to Him and let Him fill me up...

my God is a jealous God and typically when i feel like my heart it dry, my spirit is weak, or i'm not where i want to be in walk with Him, then i haven't had all of my attention on Him.

my attention drifts away. my God falls down a spot on my list of priorities, i make myself too "busy" with things that don't matter. while He belongs at the number one spot on my list of priorities....whatever those priorities are.

the farther i let Him fall down my list, the weaker i get, the dryer my heart becomes, the more i forget how much i need Him. but when He becomes the top priority, the number one thing, then all other priorities no longer seem important. LOVE OPEN MY EYES, SHOW ME WHAT YOU SEE. I KNOW I'LL NEVER LET YOU GO. [and when i do let You go, break through and lift me back up to You...]

INDIA-C3-177m by P a r k e r Y o u n g.

although i am so undeserving...Love, the One unseen, my God, my Father, loves me, He holds me, He never lets go of me. in good times or in bad, when He is number one of my list or priorities, or when i have put Him as number two or number seventy-two, in the morning, in the afternoon, or in the middle of the night...

*now i feel like i can go to sleep.............

[photo credit: parker young.]

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