Sunday, June 27, 2010

s i s t e r s...

With fighting over clothes, bickering over meaningless things, & arguing about nothing aside, and coffee dates to catch up, sushi dates to talk about life, talking in movie quotes to each other, dreaming & scheming together, make up for all the negative & even if I'm stuck in the middle of them & a few inches shorter than them, at the end of the day I'd have to say I win for having the best sisters a girl could ask for. I think every girl should have a sister, or two.

I'm excited to see how God is moving in each of their lives right now, with new & exciting adventures in their near future. Love BP & CL + being a "Fillmore Girl".

Read Brittany & Courtney's dreams & schemes..

{photo credit: fillmore mom}


Courtney Fillmore said...

it's funny that we're in the same order!

Lisa Fillmore said...

This is to my ears.