Thursday, June 17, 2010

there is a new man in my life...

I very vividly remember the first time I stumbled upon Matt Wertz on MySpace in 2003 & heard his song Everything's Right & knew it was love, then my ears heard Like the Last Time, Red Meets Blue, Counting to 100...
{There is just something about a good looking, mysterious, man who writes sappy love songs, plays the guitar, & lives in Nashville..}
Since then... he has been my number one man on iTunes & for years had me wishing, hoping, & planning to move to Nashville, so I could just run into him at a coffee shop, & marry him. Although that hasn't happened YET, it's OK because I think there is a new man in my life. They have a lot in common though, both singer/songwriters who live in Nashville & have a tendency to write sappy love songs.
His name is Andrew Belle. I've talked about him before, & heard his song Static Waves in the fall & have listened to it 100+ times since then.. along with his other songs (Tower, Oh My Stars, The Ladder, In My Veins...), he has quickly moved Mr. Wertz out of the way on my top played music on iTunes. Sorry Matt.

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