Thursday, September 30, 2010

"there are questions, there's no doubt.."

I wish I could explain more about this feeling inside of me right now! I NEVER listen to the Christian radio station around here because it's more like talk radio with too many commercials, but I was just driving (in traffic of course) and I just scanned by & heard the tail end of this song that I remember from a few years back & was listening to the lyrics & how they perfectly describe the last few weeks of my life.

The way that God sends these little reminders to us to show He's with us & remind us He's ALWAYS in control of our stories what happens next & to remind us that He knows what He's doing...and we just have to trust in Him as our stories develop more.

So here in this season of my life where more than ever I feel like I have NO IDEA what tomorrow, next week, or next month will look like, He slaps me in the face with a song full of truth & comfort reminding me that He (the Author) knows full well & that's all that matters right now, I'm just along for the ride.

{So here are the lyrics to this song by Phil Joel:}

Disappointment cuts me like a knife
But I won't be afraid
Strange operations happen all around
The audience escapes unscathed
You are my fortress in the storm
I will cling to You
Like a sailor lost in the wind
It's all about turns
Turn about face
It's all about knowing
More of Your grace
I know now
You are my sure thing

You know my heart
You know my soul

You know my comings and goings

You know it all

And I adore You
There are questions
There's no doubt
I trust You

And that matters now

I, oh, I adore You

To the prisoner inside
This mind of mine
You know
I only know so much
Still You and You
Alone have shown
The lighthouse glow
That leads me home again
'Cause You are my sure thing
I will wait for You
Every moment of this life

Journey closer to be refined

I will trust in You
Far beyond this line of sight
Journey closer to be my guide.

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